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We accept Most Major Medical and many Vision Plans

Major Medical insurance is used when patients are concerned about health conditions and any concern that is not related to updating glasses or contacts.

Vision Insurance is used when patients are not having any medical concerns but want to check their visual acuity and need for corrective lenses or contacts. Some vision insurance will even help cover the cost of corrective procedures like CRT or LASIK.

We encourage patients to personally verify coverage and document the phone call before every appointment.
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  • Our professionals can help fit you into a pair of lenses that is just right for you.
  • We are experts in fitting contact lenses and can handle the most specialized needs.
  • Whether rigid or soft lenses, we are experienced in handling the most difficult of prescriptions.

Contact Lenses

  • Our doctors fit various kinds of contact lenses based on each individual’s unique vision problems.
  • We offer the broadest possible choice of lenses available, including the industry’s most recent, proven innovations.
  • Our experienced doctors have served as clinical investigators for a number of contact lens companies, providing the data and information needed to develop new and better lenses.
  • It’s no surprise that we specialize in the “difficult to fit” contact lens patient.

Allergy Sufferers

New lens materials and allergy medications have made it possible for allergy sufferers to eliminate the burning itchy eyes associated with allergies.

Prescription medications such as Patanol and Alocril are amazingly effective and safe even in children as young
as three.

Good Habits = Good Health

Care for your lenses exactly as you’re taught for healthy, trouble-free wear.

Regular Replacement = Comfort

Replace your contact lenses on the right schedule for easy, comfortable wear.

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