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We accept Most Major Medical and many Vision Plans

Major Medical insurance is used when patients are concerned about health conditions and any concern that is not related to updating glasses or contacts.

Vision Insurance is used when patients are not having any medical concerns but want to check their visual acuity and need for corrective lenses or contacts. Some vision insurance will even help cover the cost of corrective procedures like CRT or LASIK.

We encourage patients to personally verify coverage and document the phone call before every appointment.
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Medical Conditions

Dr Hall specializes in detection and prevention of all major medical eye health conditions.  

A simple eye test can do more than assess your sight. It could save your life. Warning signs for a range of life-threatening illnesses can be detected in the inner workings of the eye. So a trip to the optometrist could save more than your sight, it can save your life.

A clouding of the lens that when it becomes annoying, can be removed.

When the eye pressure is too high, can be controlled with prescription eye drops and closely monitoring over time.

Macular Degeneration
Loss of central vision most common in smokers and elderly.  Will lead to blindness if not controlled.

Retinal Disorders
Rips, tears, scarring and irregular blood vessels in the back of the eye that can be addressed and contained.

Corneal Abrasions, Ulcers and Foreign Objects
Any scratches, bacterial ulcers or specks or rods of matter that are extremely painful can be addressed, medicated and recovery is fairly quick and successful.

A brain aneurysm occurs when a blood vessel in your brain weakens, causing one part to bulge out. If the vessel breaks, it can cause death very quickly. Often aneurysms go unnoticed until someone is in grave danger, which is why it’s great that some of early symptoms can be caught during a routine eye exam. If you’re experiencing blurry vision, eye pain, headaches, loss of vision, drooping lids or crossed eyes seek attention immediately.  

Leaking of the small blood vessels in the back of the eye that can eventually lead to retinal detachments if not treated early.

Eye tumours
Malignant melanoma of the eye is an aggressive cancer which affects the choroid layer between the retina and the whites of the eye. Through an ophthalmoscope, a melanoma would look like a large, raised surface or mole on the pigment layer of the retina.  Melanomas can spread rapidly, particularly along the optic nerve to the brain, so early diagnosis is crucial. It can be caused by excessive exposure to sunlight.

Hypertension High Blood Pressure
An eye test will reveal crossings in the blood vessels of the eye, where the artery has hardened and nipped the vein underneath. If left untreated, it can cause heart attacks or strokes.

Difficulty seeing in one or both eyes can be the sign of a stroke. The test reveals whether part of the all-round sight is damaged or missing, usually correlating with the side of the brain affected by the stroke.

Visual defects are strongly linked with the onset of multiple sclerosis (MS). These are usually intermittent blurring or even blacking out of vision, as well as difficulty in focusing. MS can often be detected clearly through field vision analysis during an eye test. The disease causes inflammation of the optic nerve – optic neuritis – which creates a banana- shaped field defect called a scotoma just below the macula of the eye, which is specific to MS.

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