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We accept Most Major Medical and many Vision Plans

Major Medical insurance is used when patients are concerned about health conditions and any concern that is not related to updating glasses or contacts.

Vision Insurance is used when patients are not having any medical concerns but want to check their visual acuity and need for corrective lenses or contacts. Some vision insurance will even help cover the cost of corrective procedures like CRT or LASIK.

We encourage patients to personally verify coverage and document the phone call before every appointment.
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Some years ago my friends and I were warming up for a doubles game in our indoor tennis court. Many tennis balls were flying through the air. I turned to my partner and exclaimed “there are too many balls in play, and one of us is going to get hurt.” Instantly, I was pounded by a ball in my right eye! I continued to play, but my eye was watering and so affected that I was forced to discontinue play. My immediate instinct was to get myself to Dr. Hall’s office. Upon my arrival, Dr. Hall placed me in his examining chair and proceeded to remove the ball’s yellow fuzz which was lodged in my eye. Two days later, he removed the bandages-all was well! Thank you Dr. Hall for your skill and care.

Gloria Angelozzi


“My face never looked so great!” When I walked into Dr. Hall’s office to get my glasses, Dana took one look and picked out the most perfect pair of glasses for me. Since I work with the public, people are always commenting on how good they look. With their warm words, my spirit flys high and gives me reason to go back. Thank you Dr. Hall and your wonderful staff.

Carrie M Greenlee


From the first moment I glanced at the Ardmore Eye Care exciting window, I knew I had discovered my eye frame place! The creative display reflected the cleverness inside. Beautiful, innovative and tasteful frames awaited.

The informative staff go beyond to satisfy customer needs. I find it very special and comforting that Dr. Hall is present, a plus!

My first contact was with the fabulous Dana who did everything possible to please me. Her energy and humor enhanced the easy, intimate environment. It is now NOT a chore to consider purchasing new frames at Ardmore Eye Care as it is completely stress free and always fun.

Donna Reisman


I broke my glasses on a rainy day at work knowing that after dark I would have trouble seeing, I called Ardmore Eye Care and they were able to squeeze me in a busy schedule to fix me up temporarily and I ordered new glasses on the spot. The doctor was more than accommodating and the staff was great. Thanks again for helping me out. I will recommend you and your staff every chance I get.

William Cormier


Great staff- good teamwork. comfortable and reliable. Dr Hall is an excellent doctor and shares his knowledge. Feel very safe with the group.

Susan Collins


I’ve been going to Dr Hall for 8 years and every time I go I am treated like family. The very friendly and courteous staff are there to answer any questions I have. I have never had a complaint with the service and quality of eyewear. Highly recommended!

Larry Clark


My experience at Ardmore Eye Care is always top-notch. Dr. Hall is professional, thorough in his exams, and my appointments with his office is more like hanging out with friends than with visiting a doctor. Simply…the best.

Gregory Frost


Staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I had a wonderful experience and would greatly recommend Ardmore Eye Care.

Rachel Haughey


Dr. Hall is amazing!  I was with another eye doctor for years who could not get my contact lens prescription right–which left me disappointed and pessimistic about the possibility of wearing lenses again.  Anyway, Dr. Hall saw me on three different occasions (without extra charge) and kept changing the prescription until he had it exactly correct.  And that’s exactly what I needed to solve the problem.

Dr. Hall is patient and well-informed about his field, and he takes the time to get his fit exactly right for your eyes.  What more can you ask for?  I recommend him highly.

Jeff E.


I’ve been to a lot of opticians in my life, because of some inborn problems with my eyes, and I’ve talked to many opticians and optometrists about the scientific part of what they do (I’m a scientist so like the discussions!)

I haven’t met many of those that seem to know as much as Dr. Hall does. You can tell that he knows his calling very well, had absolutely no problems getting me the prescriptions that I wanted and  needed, and had a lot to say about some conditions that have never been diagnosed before in my eyes.

The last doctor I went to have a difficult time just designing some simple up close work glasses for me, but Dr. Hall was able to do it without a question. I’m definitely going to be keeping this doctor for as long as I’m in the area.

His staff are also very helpful and friendly, and know their business. Overall it was a very pleasant experience getting our eyes checked and our glasses made through this office.

Highly recommend.



I have been a patient of Dr. Hall for almost 10 years. He is the best in the Philly region and I always look forward to my appointment. He and his staff are fair and knowledgeable looking up insurance and recommending materials based on coverage, etc.                                                          

Emily M


Eye exam was very thorough, more so than I can ever recall.  This was my first time going to Dr. Hall for routine exam.    The ladies at the desk were nice, and helped to discover that they took my vision plan.  However, I didn’t connect with any of the frames there.   I may look elsewhere for a frame style that I like.

                                          Stephanie N


Dr. James Hall has been our family optometrist for several years now. We have found him to be friendly, professional, thorough and responsive.   In recent years, my arms have become a bit short, and rather than sell me bifocals, he introduced me to monvision contacts which I adore.

The office is clean and bright, with a nice array of frames to browse among. His staff are always friendly and helpful.  They also have no problem using your existing frames or fitting glass to other frames. Faithful Dining Companion got frames from Warby Parker and Dr. Hall’s office ordered the lenses to fit without a problem.

There are some metered spots on the street in front of the business as well as a metered lot in the rear.

I would highly recommend them as a professional, competent and friendly practice.

                                                  Regina B


Highly highly recommend!!! Dr. Hall and staff are so friendly and caring.  Both my daughter and I had appointments and were out in less than an hour.  Very thorough professional.

                      Patricia L


Very thorough eye examination. Staff always courteous and always extremely cooperative re: scheduling.Dr. Hall is very thorough and makes careful, thought-out assessments and treatment recommendations. Great place for eye care and vision options /glasses/contacts. Excellent care, reasonable fees.

                      Anne F


Dr. Hall and staff are light years ahead of others doing same. Cutting edge technology, instinctive, professionally courteous, are just some attributes of this Doctor and staff. If seeking out this type of need, please do yourself a favor and visit Dr. Hall. It’ll be a very worthwhile and pleasant experience.

                                                                                                                                                                          Samuel D


first time visit at Dr. Hall’s office, and it was a great experience. Dr. Hall was very thorough  with his exam. He was very informative with my options for eye wear. Dani, the eye glass technician, was extremely friendly and professional with all of the choices of frames that were shown to me. I would recommend Dr. Hall to anyone in need of exquisite eye care.

Rick R


Outstanding care and communication, reasonable billing, surprisingly cutting-edge gear used to explore the shape of my eyes (astigmatism) whereas my previous optometrist had to rely on past ophthalmological workup.  All aces, just wish I had found Dr. Hall sooner.

Frederick T

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